Recover your energy and let yourself be careful


In an environment of peace and tranquility, surrounded by nature and complete autonomy, Awa Natura offers you the ideal place to unwind, take a step back and experience true moments of relaxation combining pleasure, comfort and authenticity.

A “Relax” holiday concept based on a balanced diet and personal interior growth



Detox Retreat in Fasting 
6 Nights and 5 Days 685€/pers.*

*Individual use supplement of 180

The goal is to perform a deep cleaning of our body and allow the improvement of our health, calm our mind and recover our energy. This program is based on a DETOX diet that is complemented by a lot of rest, draining massages, yoga classes and hiking in the middle of nature. The diet will be based on seasonal fruits and vegetables, smoothies, broths and infusions. Before starting the program, we will send you a pre-detox manual with guidelines to follow one week before arrival, and at the end of the retreat, we will attach a manual to you so that you learn to keep all your benefits and keep them.

6 nights and 5 days to relax and reconnect with oneself and with nature.

Arrival on Sunday and departure on the next Saturday

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 5 days of full board following the DETOX diet elaborated by Natty, our naturopath
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables, broths, shakes and infusions with low mineralized water
  • 3 Workshops on the benefits of fasting for the body
  • Pre-detox manual that we will send you one week before your arrival
  • Welcome with our naturopath where you will be given the Detox Manual to carry out in the 5 days of retreat in which we will explain the procedures, schedules and guidelines to follow during the week
  • Delivery of the “Box Detox” for each participant
  • 1 draining DETOX massage of 60 min
  • Guided hiking trails every day
  • Stretching every morning for 30min


  • 45-minute private consultation of naturopathy, in which you will be provided with a specific program
  • Reflexology
  • Osteopathy
  • Relaxing massage with essential oil 60 min
  • Treatment to release toxins (foot baths, hands, facial)


YOGA RETREAT – From May 2019

In the week of yoga we will do daily classes in our Panorama room. Located in front of the pool and overlooking the mountains, you will find the ideal place for concentration and meditation. An environment charged with peace and tranquility together with the silence of nature.

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